Super Soco limited edition CUx Ducati edition electric scooter Launched in Nepal

Super Soco limited edition CUx Ducati edition

SuperSoco, the world’s smartest e-scooter, has just launched its CUx Special Edition Ducati. The CUx is the top evolution of the CU.

The scooter is available with a single 32Ah high quality Lithium battery that provides a range of 75km. The battery is removable and can be charged outside of the scooter. The battery technology in the CUx is the same as what is used in the Tesla Model S. The fast charge time is 3.5 hours. The scooter has a powerful 2700 watt (max) Bosch electric motor providing fast acceleration and excellent torque.

Some highlights:

● Comfortable styling
● Multiple-function buttons
● High stability
● Bosch engine
● Two remote keys with seat-open and lock/unlock scooter functions
● One Battery, Lithium Type, 60V/32ah capacity allowing a range of 75 km using the highest gear (3rd) in Urban mode

SuperSoco is an innovative and fast growing e-scooter brand, rapidly responding to the worldwide growth of e-mobility.

The electric scooter is priced at Rs 3,68,000 at NADA Auto Show.

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