Vivo Apex 2019- 5G smartphone launched with Snapdragon 855


Today’s much hyped presentation of Vivo’s flagship Apex 2019 faded away when Meizu showcased a similar product yesterday unveiling the Meizu Zero that came with absolute no charging ports, speaker grille, power volume buttons and sim-card tray.

Vivo’s Apex 2019 comes with a dual camera setup at the back, a mirror-like reflective finish on the back panel, an almost bezel-less display up front with no notch or punch-hole for the selfie camera.

Vivo Apex 2019 uses the design concept of super unibody, the sleek body comes with 6.39 inch of bezel-less display , Snapdragon 855 SoC, 12 GB RAM, 512 GB storage. The device also comes with full-screen in-display fingerprint sensor, wireless-charging and hidden volume rockers and power button similar to the one found on Meizu Zero.


APEX 2019 introduces a sleek and truly FullViewTM design that renders the bezel extinct. The device successfully delivers an unconventional smartphone experience by completely removing physical buttons – instead adopting Touch Sense technology, which brings together capacitive touch and pressure-sensing. With carefully designed programming logic and software, the pressure sensors can tell if a user is pressing the frame and the capacitive touch can determine its position, providing extra-sensitive accuracy.

USB ports are replaced by a MagPort, a magnetic power connector which enables both charging and data transfer. This allows for a more streamlined user experience, as well as making the body more compact.

APEX 2019 also turns its display into a speaker by using Body SoundCasting technology, transforming the entire APEX 2019 display into a speaker via the screen vibration function, avoiding the need for a speaker grill.


First of all, in terms of the body button, the APEX 2019 innovatively combines the “double-sensing hidden button” with the combination of the capacitive button and the pressure button, embedding the traditional power button and volume button into the side glass of the fuselage. Use the pressure button to judge the corresponding operation of the capacitive button, so as to accurately and sensitively realize the functions of the previous three side buttons. In addition, with the added linear motor, it presents more accurate touch feedback.

vivo apex 2019 magnetic charging ports

APEX 2019 comes equipped with Full-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology, with a sensor covering almost the entire display. This enables users to touch almost anywhere on the screen to unlock the device seamlessly, supported by Vivo’s cutting-edge Fingerprint Light function – when the user’s finger is close to the display, the pixels around the touch point will automatically light up as an additional light source to help obtain a clear fingerprint image.

A larger sensor also enables more features to bolster security for using apps. When users wake their device from an inactive screen and press on the corresponding app icon to scan their finger, they can unlock and gain direct access to the app so that the experience is faster and more efficient than before.

Vivo apex 2019 - full screen in display fingerprint

Similar to the previous APEX concept machine, the APEX 2019 still has a high screen ratio on the front of the mobile phone. Equipped with a 6.39-inch AMOLED material and 2340X1080 resolution screen, it combines narrow bezel technology and COF packaging technology to provide a true full-screen screen experience. It is worthy to be integrated. Under the design of the body of the one-piece glass, the screen has a good visual effect after lighting.


The in-screen fingerprint scanner is referred to as ‘full-display fingerprint scanning’, with Vivo claiming that the entire display is covered by the sensor. This is different compared to last year’s APEX, who’s in-display reader only covered half the screen. The seamless design of the smartphone is made possible thanks to Vivo’s ‘body soundcasting’ technology. The screen vibrates to act as a speaker, so it means that there are speaker grills present.


In addition to minimalist design and corresponding technological innovations, the vivo APEX 2019 also revolutionizes body color, glass and internal packaging. According to reports, APEX 2019 chose a rustic color derived from nature, using silver gray and white to highlight the transparency and technical sense of glass material, combined with the complex process of hot bending and CNC carving, and finally brought “water droplets” transparent visuals and a better feel.

In terms of the internal structure of the smartphone body, the APEX 2019 uses a revolutionary 3D stacking solution on the inside. The internal space of the body is utilized as much as possible by means of metal overhead, packaged IC, etc., with numerous simulation optimizations and MoB technology to ensure signal integrity and overall strength. In addition, on the basis of high-conductivity aluminum alloy brackets and multi-layer graphite heat sinks, large-size liquid-cooled soaking plates are introduced to bring about efficient heat dissipation.


Coming to the hardware specifications, the Vivo APEX 2019 boasts a Snapdragon 855 SoC with a Snapdragon X50 5G modem. Side by side, you have 12GB of RAM, making it just the second smartphone after the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT to have this much memory and 512GB of storage space plus a support for 5G network in full frequency band. In addition, 12 MP F/1.8 and 13 MPF/2.4 camera lenses are used in the rear and a complete eradication of front selfie cameras .

A dual camera resides at the back, but Vivo has not divulged the specifications of the device’s optics, which is fair as we doubt such a smartphone will make it to the market right now.


This is the second smartphone in succession to be featured without any physical buttons or charging ports. This can mean that lots of manufacturers, including Vivo, have a future in mind where mobile devices will be launched without the additions mentioned above. However, when such devices make it to the market, they must provide something of extensive value or advantage to make sure customers are willing to get used to those compromises.

Vivo says it wants people to focus on the other innovations in the Apex 2019 concept, which is fair enough but further reinforces the sense that this specific design isn’t likely to be a viable consumer product.

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