Huawei decides to reimburse its customers if Google Apps stop working

Huawei reimbursement programme

After a meteoric rise over the last few years, something certainly due to its merit and its market stance , Huawei is dealing with an embargo imposed by the Trump administration on its products. Although the damages from this embargo promise to be as serious for US companies as for Huawei, sales of the Chinese giant have been affected. Without fear, Huawei appears to have started a full refund program in the Philippines if Google apps fail.

According to the site, Huawei confirmed that the initiative in the Philippines is an agreement between distributors and retailers, so it is not an initiative of Huawei itself. Essentially, to counter sales crashes, Huawei agents in the country promise that users will get their money back if Google apps stop working on these devices.

To be eligible, the devices must have been purchased between 15 June and 31 August, thus in full crisis, although the eligible purchase period appears to vary. However, it is peculiar to choose the end of August, this being indicative that either the matter will be resolved by then, or Huawei will have other alternatives on the table.

Above all, this initiative shows the boost in confidence of brands distributors, since in the worst case scenario they would have to give up large amounts without guarantees of reimbursement.

Contrary to many feared users, Google (or Facebook) apps will not stop working on existing Huawei, and Huawei may be using extra time until August 19 to certify extra devices. If the embargo goes forward, it will only affect devices that have not yet been certified with Google to this date.

Thus, the fear of buying Huawei products due to trade embargo will not affect consumers in these few months atleast. If there arises any problems later on , the company will be the first to clarify its consumers about its situation.

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