Government inaugurates Mero Kitta, online land plot digital map service

Mero Kitta

With the launch of ‘Mero Kitta’, landowners no longer have to go to the survey office to get a printed map for the purpose of building a house, construction of buildings or buying and selling.

The Department of Surveying and Mapping under the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation has started providing online services from today.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli inaugurated the system at a formal ceremony held at the survey department on Thursday by pressing the switch of digital software related to land administration .

The department has launched Nepal Land Information System (NeLIS) and Mero Kitta today with the objective of providing services online.

The government is going to provide map printing and field book printing facility and other services to clients right from their home through ‘Nepal Land Information System’.

The government has stated that the program has been started to make the services provided by the survey offices technology-friendly, hassle-free, efficient, fast and effective.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that the government has been focusing on bringing new investment and technology.

“The offices are the same. We have changed the way we work,” said Prime Minister Oli.

Shivamaya Tumbahangphe, Land Management, Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation, said that Mero Kitta program has been started to reduce the delay from the Land Revenue and Survey Office.

He said that the initiation to start a paperless program in the Land Revenue and Survey Office is as per the government’s concept of Digital Nepal.

Secretary at the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Teknarayan Pandey informed that the online service has been launched to remove the obligation of queuing in real estate business.

“The current migration trend needs to address the problem of providing clients with services from every local Land Revenue and Survey Office ,” said Secretary Pandey. “Real estate transactions can be done online.”

He said that sometimes you have to be present for digital verification, otherwise everything will be done online.

Out of 126 survey offices across the country, 18 offices have not yet come online.

The government has said that all offices will be able to provide online services and do business within this year.

Pandey said that the ministry has started work on making it possible to know the entire history of land online.

He informed that institutional transactions, banks and even the local level can do business online.

Director General of the Survey Department, Prakash Joshi, informed that initially the service has been implemented in survey offices of Kalanki, Dilli Bazaar and Bhaktapur from today. Within a day or two it will also be available at the offices of Chabahil, Lalitpur, Manmaiju, Tokha and Saankhu.

What is Mero Kitta system? How to get online service?

Mero Kitta system is a system designed to get some of the services that is provided by survey offices through the internet from anywhere.

Through Mero Kitta system, map print, plot register print, field book print, field drawing application can be done. Clients need a land ownership certificate and citizenship to operate Mero Kitta system.

Ordinary users have to go to Mero Kitta’s website and submit an online application in the prescribed format to get the service. After submitting the application, the OTP code is sent to the registered mobile number. The code is required for the duration of the service.

After checking the details of the service from the offices, all the details about the revenue amount to be paid is received via SMS.

To pay the revenue amount clients need to provide mobile number and OTP on the connect IPS platform. The payment can also be done via banks using online voucher received through the system.

After the payment has been done, a digital copy of the map will be uploaded from the offices and the information will be received on the mobile. To get the map, client has to download it within 7 days using the registered mobile number and OTP provided by the office.

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