Toyota patents Manual Transmission Simulator for Electric Vehicles

Toyota Manual Transmission EV

An electric vehicle with a manual transmission seems like a pipe dream right now, since the only EVs available right now are those with automatic transmissions. It is possible that Japanese carmaker Toyota is experimenting with the idea of using a manual transmission in electric vehicles, based on a recent patent filing by Toyota.

Toyota has filed a slew of patent applications(8 in Total) for an electric vehicle manual transmission, according to a recent article by Teslarati. Toyota’s suggested method employs a pseudo-clutch pedal and a pseudo-gear change to allow electric vehicles to transition to manual transmission whenever the driver wishes, according to reports.

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If you’re an EV driver, you may still be missing using your manual transmission in internal combustion vehicle. For starters, some drivers prefer manual transmissions because they find them more interesting. However, ingenuity will be required to bring the Toyota concept to life in an EV.

Conventional internal combustion engines are used to mimic the output in this patent application’s motor controller. Electric automobiles can now be equipped with a “pseudo-manual” transmission, thanks to the development of this component.

Manual transmission lovers are sure to flock to electric vehicles with manual transmissions even if the optics of the process aren’t particularly clear at this point. Just cross our fingers and see if Toyota invests in research and development of an electric vehicle manual transmission variant.

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