Kulekhani Hydropower under maintenance mode

The Kulekhani Hydropower Project has stopped generating power since Sunday, as it has begun carrying out maintenance work of the main gate valve and turbine of the second unit of the project.

“We have stopped generating power from the project for its maintenance,” said Sachidananda Mishra, chief of the project.

Mishra said that the first phase of maintenance of the project was completed recently.

A total of 92 MW of electricity is generated from both the units of the project. Of them, the first unit of the project produces 60 MW, while the second unit generates 32 MW. But at present, the project is generating around only about 50 per cent of the total capacity due to its damage.

He informed that three technicians, who have come from Japan, have started maintenance work of the second unit of the project.

According to him, the project will resume power generation only after 15 days.

“After completing the maintenance work, both projects will generate power as per their capacity,” he said.

With the start of maintenance of the project, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has revised its Load-Shedding Schedule to be effective from Monday. It has increased power outage period to 54 hours a week from 42 hours.

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