Govt sets flight schedule and airfares to repatriate Nepalis from these destinations(Revised Airfares)


The government has set 67 flight schedule to repatriate Nepalis living abroad. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has prepared a schedule for the first phase of the rescue flight and submitted it to the Covid-19 Management Center (CCMC). A schedule for repatriation flights starts from June 11 to June 25.

There will be numerous flights to different countries on the same day to bring Nepalis back home.

Although the Ministry will take decision on the number of flight schedule and respective fares from each destination, the CCMC will decide about number of Nepalis to be brought back home from each of these flights.

For rescue flights, the ministry will send government-owned Nepal Airlines and Himalayan Airlines aircraft from Nepal. The Ministry of Tourism has also decided to use some foreign airlines to rescue Nepalis from abroad.

56,000 people from different countries have shown interest to return to Nepal. The government has prepared a list of 24,148 Nepalis across 30 different destinations that need to be rescued urgently. Of the 30 countries approved by the government to return, the highest number is 6,400 from Malaysia and the lowest is 2 from Laos.

Flight schedule

Flight Date Destinations
June 11 Kuwait (2 flights)
June 14 Bangladesh
June 15 Maldives, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore / Cambodia, Oman
June 16 Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Sri Lanka (Cambodia) / Maldives
June 17 Australia, Bangkok, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Qatar, USA
June 18 Saudi (Riyadh), Dubai, Malaysia, Oman
June 19 Japan (Narita), Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria
June 20 Cyprus, Malaysia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Bangladesh, European Union
June 21 South Korea, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia
June 22 Australia, Bangkok, Pakistan, Qatar
June 23 Japan (Narita), Maldives, Abu Dhabi, Uganda
June 24 Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
June 25 United States, Cyprus / Israel


The government has fixed the fare depending on the destination. Even if the airlines operates chartered flights, they will not be allowed to charge more than the government approved fare rates.

Of the total repatriation flights, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) will be conducting 24 flights, while Himalaya Airlines will be operating 19 flights and other foreign airlines will conduct 24 flights.

On Thursday, two flights from Kuwait will be coming to Kathmandu carrying Nepalis stranded there. As per Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), two aircraft of Jazeera Airways are scheduled to touchdown here at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, respectively.

The fares set in the routes listed below are as follows:

Destination Revised Airfares (in USD)
Bangladesh 165
New Delhi 205
Mumbai 310
Bagalore 335
Bangkok 390
Cambodia 400
Dubai 450
Awadabi 450
Sharjah 450
Maldives 480
Oman 460
Kuala Lumpur 465
Doha 490
Bahrain 490
Hong Kong 520
Kuwait 510
Dammam 530
Riyadh 565
Jedha 690
Jordan 775
Cyprus 830
Narita 935
Khartoum (Sudan) 890
Frankfurt 1190
London 1280
Sydney 1615
Seoul 875

Flight rules :

The government has decided that the airlines should manage the ticketing, saying that the travel agency has charged a lot of money in the name of chartered flights.

According to the ministry, airline companies have to take the responsibility for ticketing in coordination with respective embassies.

Passengers coming to Nepal have to submit proof of negative result from PCR and RDT test. Similarly, after coming to Nepal, one has to stay in quarantine as per the rules of the government.

Contacts :

S N Sector Name Contact No.
1 Bahrain RAMESH KUMAR PANDEY 9849633879
2 Male MADHU SUDAN NEPAL 9851132455
3 Kuala Lumpur NARESH KUMAR SHRESTHA 9841436144
4 Dubai TIKA RAM PANGENI 9851163878
5 Bangkok HOM PRASAD PARAJULI +66898956120
6 Doha PREM UPRETI 9841475444
7 Riyadh TANKA RAI 9851192955
8 Narita SULEKH MISHRA 9861446188
9 Kuwait ASHMITA SUBEDI 9849321395
10 Cyprus SISIR GYAWALI 9851123058
11 Incheon INDU PANTHEE 9841410042
12 Muscat JANAK RAJ ARYAL 9851167286
13 Sydney MIMAMSA KARKI 9849157454
14 Melbourne SAROJ NEPAL 9841962064
15 Los Angeles TILAK PRASAD LAMICHHANE 9851095181
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