Sunrise Bluechip Fund application deadline ends today

Sunrise Bluechip Fund

Applications for the Sunrise Bluechip Fund, which is being operated under the Sunrise Mutual Fund, can only be submitted till today. According to Sunrise Capital, today is the last day to apply for the fund which has to be submitted within the banking hours.

Sunrise Capital had issued 100 million units at a face value of Rs 10 i.e., a total value of Rs 1 billion since 14 March.

Out of 100 million units, 15 percent of the total units sold have been reserved for the fund promoter Sunrise Bank Limited and the remaining 85 million units have been issued and sold to the public.

Investors interested in this scheme will be able to purchase from a minimum amount of 100 units to a maximum of 10 million units. Interested persons can apply to the participating banks and financial institutions and their branch offices certified by Nepal Securities Board. Similarly, investors who use meroshare can also apply online by logging into the website.

The company has requested buyers to invest with confidence as the projected annual return of the scheme has been projected at 22.38 percent.

The scheme, which has a tenure of 10 years from the date of distribution of the scheme, will invest 80 to 100 percent of the amount collected from unit sales (equity oriented) i.e. shares. The fund promoter of the scheme is Sunrise Bank and the scheme manager is Sunrise Capital. In this scheme, the fund promoter Sunrise Bank will invest at least 15 percent of the total unit amount to be sold, i.e. 150 million rupees as seed capital.

What is Sunrise Bluechip Fund?

In particular, it is a collective investment fund, which invests the money collected from investors in blue chip companies and emerging blue chip companies. The portfolio of investment thus created is relatively unaffected by the fluctuations in the market and is relatively safe.

What kind of company is Bluechip Company?

Bluechip companies invested under the Sunrise Bluechip Fund are companies that can provide high returns on a regular basis, have a high market capitalization, have a strong financial position and perform better than the market in the long run. The money collected in this scheme is invested in blue chip companies.

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