Mercedes-Benz has received the world’s first certification for Level 3 autonomous vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Electric Car

For the first time, a legal framework has been established in Germany for the use of Level 3 Driverless Driving Assistance (DDA).

Automaker Mercedes-Benz obtained the first globally recognized regulatory approval for vehicles capable of Tier 3 conditional driverless driving for the production of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

In 2017, Germany became the first country to develop a legal framework for the use of Level 3 Driverless Driving Assistance through the passage of the Road Traffic Act for Level 3 systems.

“We are reaffirming our pioneering work in automated driving and also initiating a paradigm change with this event. Until now, we have been the only company in Germany to begin mass production of conditionally autonomous vehicles.” the company stated.

A Level 3 self-driving car is not Mercedes’ first foray into the technology. Honda Sensing-equipped Legends are only available for rent in Japan, where they’re manufactured. Even though Audi had planned to put an autonomous Audi A8 into production in 2017, the carmaker was forced to abandon the project because of conflicting rules.

When a car reaches the third level of self-driving technology, it can respond and make numerous decisions without the driver having to think about it.

Mercedes-new Benz’s Drive Pilot technology can take over control of the vehicle once it reaches a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Once the driver has activated Drive Pilot, the system monitors the vehicle’s speed and distance, and performs lane changes or brakes without the driver’s physical interaction.

Drive Pilot Level 3 autonomy allows the driver to concentrate on other tasks, according to Mercedes-Benz.

While driving, you can do things like browse the internet, have a sandwich, or watch a movie. The driver can take over control of the vehicle if the vehicle’s equipment fails unexpectedly. The system also has the ability to autonomously slow down and stop the car. In addition to turning on hazard lights and unlocking windows and doors, the system will also place an emergency call to 911.

EQS electric vehicles and S-Class sedans in Europe will have the Mercedes-Benz Drive Smart Level 3 autonomous driving capability by early 2022. There are plans for them to be sold in the United States as well, thanks to Mercedes-Benz.

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