Vmoto unveils Stash Electric Motorcycle At EICMA 2021

Vmoto Stash Electric Bike price nepal

Vmoto, the parent company of Super Soco, unveiled the eew Stash Electric Motorcycle At EICMA 2021 being held in Italy.

Vmoto’s Stash electric motorcycle was presented at the ongoing EICMA 2021 and shows considerable promise of making a significant impression in the European EV market. It is compact, elegant, and offers exhilarating performance that is suitable for daily usage.

A 6kW hub motor powers the Stash, enabling it to reach a top speed of 105kmph. The electric motorcycle’s battery pack is also quite huge, a 7.2kWh unit capable of covering 240-260 kilometers when ridden carefully at 45kmph. Additionally, a complete charge takes only six hours.

The Vmoto Stash is equipped with 17-inch wheels and 100-/120-section tyres in the front and back. As a commuter-oriented electric motorcycle, the Stash features an approachable 785mm seat height and a light weight of 105kg.

Revolt’s technological partner is Vmoto, or more precisely, Super Soco. Thus, if the RV400 receives an update in the future, the Stash might very well serve as the starting point.

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