These Samsung Smartphones will receive Android Pie update in 2019


Samsung thought it was good to give a special Christmas gift to all Galaxy S9 owners. In an unexpected way, the South Korean giant began today to distribute the Android Pie to these smartphones. But when will more models follow?

This has been one of the main questions of Galaxy users. Samsung has not always been the fastest in the update distribution, although it has improved considerably in recent years.

The reason for this may be its interface with many changes compared to stock Android. Lately it has been reducing this personalization and the proof of it even is the recently announced One UI that will arrive with the Android Pie to the Galaxy.

In the aftermath of Android Pie’s distribution for the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, Samsung unveils its plans for the remaining devices.The South Korean firm announced the dates for the distribution of the next firmware.

Looking at the information is with some strangeness that we see the Galaxy S9 entitled to the Android Pie in January 2019. Therefore, it should be noted that this was the initial schedule for the distribution of this update.

In addition, we can consider that this data reflects the distribution for some specific variants, namely those locked to the operators. Given that we should have an equal consideration for the remaining models present in this list.

Eligible Models :

Galaxy S9 (January 2019)
Galaxy S9+ (January 2019)
Galaxy Note9 (February 2019)
Galaxy S8 (March 2019)
Galaxy (March 2019)
Galaxy Note8 (March 2019)
Galaxy-A8 2018 (April 2019)
Galaxy-A8+ 2018 (April 2019)
Galaxy-A7 2018 (April 2019)
Galaxy.A9 2018 (April 2019)
Galaxy Tab .10.5 (April 2019)
Galaxy-J4 (May 2019)
Galaxy-J4+ (May 2019)
Galaxy-J6 (May 2019)
Galaxy-J6+ (May 2019)
Galaxy-A8-Star (May 2019)
Galaxy-J7 2017 (July 2019)
Galaxy-J7-Duo (August 2019)
Galaxy.Xcover 4 (September 2019)
Galaxy-J3 2017 (September 2019)
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 (September 2019)
Galaxy Tab A 2017 (October 2019)
Galaxy Tab Aclive2 (October 2019)
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (October 2019)

From the list above, we can conclude that the update next in line line will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The  phablet will be entitled to Android Pie in February next year.

What about older models?

From the 2017 list of flagships Galaxy S8 and S8 +, will receive their slice of pie in March 2019. That is, more than a year after its launch. Galaxy Note 8, also of 2017, will receive the update.

This same listing also shows us that this will be the end of line for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The 2016 flagships will no longer receive system updates, but will certainly continue to have periodic security updates.

Finally, note that the mid-range Galaxy A will never receive the Android Pie before spring. More for fall next year will be a handful of tablets of the South Korean company.

In short, the update list described above may have some discrepancies between the schedules described here and the reality of future events.

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