Quest Entertainment to launch QFX Central Cinema in Nepal

Nepali society has effortlessly synchronised with the culture of malls. Civil Mall will house Quest Entertainment’s (QE) QFX Central Cinema. “QFX will be the first film exhibition brand in Nepal,” opines Bhaskar Dhungana, one of the three partners of QE. The other two partners are Rajesh Siddhi and Nakim Uddin.

QE was launched in Nepal 10 years ago with the opening of QFX Jai Nepal Cinema by three friends — Dhungana, Siddhi and Uddin. They had initially speculated the cost of the project to be Rs 1 million but when it was finally completed; it was three times the amount. Later QFX Kumari Cinema was launched. On September 24, 2010, QE will launch the QFX Central Cinema. “This was possible due to the confidence and credibility earned from QFX Jai Nepal Cinema and QFX Kumari Cinema,” opines Dhungana. Consolidating the three cinemas, QE is the first to bring out a cinema brand in Nepal.

“There is a need for a consistent cinema brand experience in Nepal. Nepali customers are demanding good services and facilities,” says Dhungana. Instead of collaborating with international brands, QE decided to create a modern Nepali brand. Through planning, research and the advantage of knowing the Nepali market, the process of brand building commenced. “QFX has an attitude and an identity of its own. It will bridge the generation gap and enable everyone to experience cinema at a different level,” opines Dhungana.

The equipment used for QFX Central Cinema has been imported from various parts of the world. The top of the line digital sound system has been imported from Holland. The projector has been imported from Belgium, while the sound processing system has been imported from Dolby, UK. The seats are designed in America and made in China. The ticketing system is imported from Europe. These global brands and their advanced technologies will place QFX Central Cinema at the forefront of cinemas. Alcons Audio which is the latest technology in Europe will be used here. “This technology has been used by