Apple Beats Solo3 ‘New Year Special Edition’ headphones launched


Apple has launched Apple Beats Solo3 ‘New Year Special Edition’ headphones in the Chinese market. The New Year Special Edition headphones will only be available in China to mark its new year celebration on Feb 5.

The special set of headphones comes in a new design of gold color and silver lining blended in gray color. However, this new cosmetic changes doesn’t bring any changes in the specification of the original Beats Solo 3.

So technically speaking, its the same Beats Solo 3 headphones that was launched earlier in 2018.


The headphones are only meant for the Chinese market so the company is only launching limited number of headsets. The products costs around $330 in the China.

Apple has no plans to launch this Special Edition headset in other markets for the rest of the world . Apple has been recently launching special edition of Beats Dre Headphones e.g. Disney’s Mickey Edition to mark Mickey’s 90th Anniversary.

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