Imports of medicines at all time high during lockdown period

Medicines Imports Nepal

The country is on the verge of collapse due to the spread of coronavirus infection worldwide.

During this period, medicines worth billions have been imported from neighboring country India. According to the data provided by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, most of the “ready-to-use” medicines and raw materials have been imported. The country also imported huge amount of food grains and vegetables after medicines.

In the 42 days after the start of the lockdown, i.e. by the sixth week, Nepal imported 130,462 metric tons of food grains, 36,996 metric tons of pulses, 53,570 metric tons of vegetables, 17,910 metric tons of fruits, 11,059 metric tons of milk products have been imported.

Uncertainties around the impacts of COVID-19 have triggered a rapid increase in purchasing by consumers seeking to stockpile a range of items, resulting in disruption to stocks of some basic food items. This disruption is temporary and not an indication of food shortages.

The import of medicines is the highest in terms of amount. Statistics show that raw materials worth Rs 348.84 million and ready-to-use medicines worth Rs 1.79 billion were imported.

Apples and onions have also started arriving from the Tatopani checkpoint, which has been closed since the Corona virus infection, since April 10. The ministry said that the quantity of apples and onions imported from Tatopani checkpoint was not included in the figure.

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