Air Asia Initiates Plans to Resume Flights in Nepal

Air Asia Nepal

Air Asia, a prominent player in the airline industry, is gearing up to reinstate its operations in Nepal after a hiatus. The airline ceased flights to the country previously due to outstanding dues owed to Tribhuvan International Airport for utilizing its services.

Having suspended its flights to Nepal for the past four years, Air Asia is now taking concrete steps towards resuming regular flights, as confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority. The airline is reported to have a pending payment of Rs 24 crore to the authority.

Jagannath Niraula, the information officer of the Civil Aviation Authority, shed light on the developments, stating that Air Asia has furnished a bank guarantee and commenced the payment of monthly installments at a rate of Rs 1 crore 1.5 million. Notably, Air Asia has already remitted the first installment of the outstanding dues.

“The repayment process has commenced, marking the preliminary groundwork for resuming flight operations,” mentioned Niraula. “Air Asia’s return is imminent as the airline has demonstrated its commitment by initiating the repayment process.”

Air Asia commenced its commercial flights in Nepal back in 2069 BS. Prior to the suspension, the airline operated a daily flight, contributing to the connectivity and convenience of travelers within the region.

As Air Asia lays the groundwork for its anticipated return to Nepal’s skies, stakeholders and passengers alike await the resumption of its services, anticipating enhanced connectivity and travel options in the region.

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