CG Hills Premium bookings open, price starts from 57 million

CG Hills Premium

The Chaudhary Group-invested CG Hills at Bhainsepati in Lalitpur, which is currently under development, is officially open for booking as of today. CG has informed that CG Hills Premium has officially opened the bookings targeting the Dashain Tihar, Chhath festival.

According to the company, a big number of consumer orders started pouring in as soon as the booking was made official.

The majority of orders were placed over the phone, according to Vivek Jung Thapa, a company spokesperson. It’s been officially opened, he says, and the site visit will be organized from the day after tomorrow.

CG Hills Premium Lalitpur

“We are ready to take all the customers who have ordered by phone today for site visit from tomorrow,” he said.

So far, the company has stated that it will construct luxurious residences that are both pricey and high-comfort. As Thapa explained, once the paperwork is finalized, the company plans to begin construction on the property physically. For the last month and a half, the business has been installing perimeter fencing around the property.

CG Hills Premium Layout map

There will be 56 unit residences in pricey and well-equipped villas for the first time in the valley, according to him. In accordance with the company’s claims, 26 ropanis and 3 annas of land will be used to construct 56 apartment buildings. According to Thapa, the business plans to build four distinct types of residences on the property. Apart from that, the residences would be constructed in a 4 to 10-anna land area.

“The company will build four types of residential houses, namely K-UP Villa, MS Villa, F Villa and FB Villa,” he said.

“The value of the houses will be determined based on the structure, area and location of the house.”

CG, which is preparing to build a luxurious villa for the first time in the valley, has set separate prices for different houses. The company has set a minimum price of Rs 57 million to Rs 100 million per household.

CG Hills Premium Villa Types

Types of Residence

K-UP Villa

According to Thapa, the company has fixed the price of four different types of houses based on different services and area. The company is going to build three and a half storeys of K-UP villa. The company is preparing to build 6 units of K-UP with an area of 3057.59 square feet. The value of the house to be built in four annas is set at Rs 76 million.

MS Villa

Similarly, the company plans to build 33 units of MS Villa. The three-storey house will have an area of 2669.63 square feet. The company has set a starting price of Rs 57 million for the house.

F Villa

The company will build 11 F-type villas. The 3 and a half storey house will have an area of 3017.39 square feet. Thapa said the house was valued at Rs 60 million.

FB Villa

Similarly, the company will build 6 units of FB type villas. The 4 and a half storey house will have an area of  3645.03 square feet. The company has set the price of the house at Rs 70 million.

The company, which is preparing to build 56 units in total, aims to complete the construction work within the next two years. According to Thapa, the value of the villas is set at Rs 50 million to Rs 100 million depending on the area, square feet and location.

CG Hills Premium facilities

‘The company has officially opened the booking for Dashan Tihar and Chhatt festival. The company has offered various discounts on the price, ‘he said. He also said that the value of the house has been fixed up to a maximum of Rs 100 million based on area of ​​land and square feet to build the house, if the customer chooses to go overboard.

CG Hills Premium Bhainsepati

The company will offer services such as – 24 hour security and CCTV camera with swimming pool, garden, underground wire, drinking water facility inside the villa. According to the company, the buildings will be constructed using high quality bricks, rods and other construction materials.

In addition, the company has given a 2-year warranty on this property. In case of any problem in the villa during the period of two years, the company will provide service free of cost.



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