Ncell brings Pay As You Go scheme

Ncell Pay As You Go

Ncell Pvt Ltd has introduced a new data bonus scheme under which the cost of internet drops up to 80 per cent compared to existing standard rate of Rs two per MB.

This offer is coming into effect from Sunday (March 8) and focuses customers who use data service under ‘Pay As You Go’ (PAYG) rate or do not know how to buy data packs.

Under this scheme, the more customers spend main balance on data, the service gets cheaper, as per a press statement. When customers use internet from main balance, they are entitled to get bonus data on real-time basis at a specific threshold based on amount spent from the main balance.

Customers will get bonus data immediately when they spend Rs two, five, 10, 20, 30 or more on every additional Rs 10. Customers will need to consume the bonus data received within two days.

After initial spending of Rs 10 in data under PAYG, customers for every additional Rs 10 spent on data will receive 20 MB bonus. If customers spend Rs 2, they get additional 2 MB as bonus.

Those who spend Rs 30 for using data, will get a total of nearly 69 MB which includes 57 MB as bonus. Similarly, if customers consume Rs 100 while using data, they get 197MB as bonus and 39.16 MB from main balance so in total they will get 236 MB.

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