Anker Liberty 3 Pro Price in Nepal : ANC and up to 32 hours of battery life

Anker Liberty 3 Pro

The Anker Liberty 3 Pro is now on sale in Nepal. The features include – Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Hi-Res audio, and a long battery life of up to 32 hours with these TWS earbuds.

So, let’s have a look at the Anker Liberty 3 Pro pricing in Nepal and the TWS’s primary specifications and features.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro Specifications


Anker Liberty 3 Pro has a triple-point ergonomic shape with built-in ear pressure to fit comfortably in the ears .

In addition, four different sizes of liquid silicone ear tips and flexible ear wings have been provided by the manufacturer to ensure a firm and secure fit.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro Nepal

The Anker earphones are available in Fog Gray, Midnight Black, Dusk Purple, and Frost White.

For further protection against perspiration and water splashes, the earbuds offer an IPX4 grade water resistivity.

Dual 10.6mm coaxial drivers (ACAA 2.0) in the liberty 3 Pro are supposed to produce a more balanced and accurate sound with more detail.

A 77 percent larger diaphragm adds depth and thump to the song. A pair of earphones that enable LDAC technology have been certified by the Hi-Res Audio Wireless standard.

In addition, it has HearID ANC, which automatically adjusts to the user’s ears depending on the level of background noise.

This set of earbuds has a noise reduction technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and eliminate irritating noises during phone calls.

It also has a multi-mode transparency that allows the user to hear the sounds around them.

One charge of these earbuds, according to Anker, should last up to eight hours.

If the charging case is used, the battery life increases to 32 hours.

The case may be charged with a USB-C cable or wirelessly using the included charging pad.

The company says that a 15-minute charge can provide up to three hours of fun.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro Price and Availability

Anker Liberty 3 Pro costs Rs.19,999 in Nepal. The Anker TWS can be purchased in Nepal from authorized retailers.

Anker TWS Price in Nepal
Anker Liberty 3 Pro Rs.19,999
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