Hisense unveils handful of premium smartphones at MWC 2019


Hisense, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, presents four new smartphones at the MWC19 in Barcelona: the latest generation of the A6 model, the U30, the H30, Rock V and Rock V Pro.

The Chinese multinational appliance manufacturer, Hisense , celebrates its 50th anniversary and for this reason, at its MWC19 booth in Barcelona , a wooden shelving front reminds us of the main milestones in telecommunications achieved by the company throughout this half century.

Throughout its history, Hisense has always sought to launch products to positively impact consumers’ lives. During the MWC19, in addition to the A6 and U30 models, the brand introduced a full range of smartphones that stand out especially for their design, performance, features and strength. The Hisense U30 is one of the highlight amongst the smartphones launched this year.

This year at MWC Hisense wanted to present it differently hence it came with a bunch of smartphones with few devices that has better specs and features to get noticed.

Hisense A6


Thus, among the main novelties that can be seen on its booth is the new generation of A5 model, which is featured by a dual screen, a front of 6.01inch Full HD AMOLED, and a rear one of electronic ink of 5.61 inch HD, for reading ebo