Gautam Buddha Airport readying for calibration flight

Gautam Buddha International Airport

The Gautam Buddha International Airport under construction at Bhairahawa in Rupandehi is readying for a calibration flight.

Under calibration flight, the equipments connected to the runway, tower, etc., which directs the flight and landing of the aircraft at the airport will be tested.

Praveen Neupane, head of ICB-II, Gautam Buddha International Airport construction project, said that the  the work of connecting all the necessary electrical equipments in the tower, runway and other areas of the airport was completed in the second week of Baisakh.

‘We were busy preparing for the calibration flight but in the meantime the risk of corona virus infection has surged again and all works has now been halted. We are still working on how to bring in the necessary aircrafts and foreign technicians for continuous calibration flights. As soon as the situation and international flights eases, work will start again. ‘said Neupane.

According to him, the calibration flight shows whether the instruments have worked properly or not when the pilot contacted the tower, whether the instructions were heard properly or not. He also said that the calibration flight is mandatory as it is known to be made and even corrected.

AEROTHAI, a Thai company is responsible for the construction of ICP 2. The company has won tender for supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management(CNS/ATM), including meteorological equipment and other related services for Gautam Buddha International Airport.

There are currently 120 domestic and foreign workers working at the airport amid the corona virus infection. The Chief Admission Officer of Gautam Buddha International Airport Project said that work is being done to make them stay in the work area.

There are currently 20 Chinese, 18 Indian and more than 80 Nepali workers and technicians working in the airport area. According to the official, the interior, decoration, furnishing, floor ceiling and air conditioning of the departure and arrival hall of the terminal building are being connected. Similarly, gardening, landscape, painting and marking works have been completed.

“Apart from an X-ray machine, there are no important equipment to be brought from abroad,” he said.

Runway lights, control tower, conveyor belt machine, baggage handling system, etc. have all been installed successfully.

He said, “There are some uncomfortable situations due to corona virus now. There is also fear but work is being done. As soon as there is a comfortable situation, there will be a breakthrough at any time.”

All other works including construction of infrastructure and electrification within the airport area have been completed. The work of fencing and construction of peripheral road (inner) has been completed and the construction of external road is underway. Officials said that there is a problem of manpower in the construction of external roads due to Corona virus.

Built under the assistance of the Government of India in 2023 BS, the Gautam Buddha Airport was to be built as an international airport by The North West Civil Aviation Company of the Chinese company. The company had agreed to complete the ICB Zero One project by December 31, 2017 through a global tender at a cost of Rs 6.22 billion.

The airport, which was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, could not be completed on time due to several reasons. Even though it has to be completed in June, it is certain that the construction will not be completed on time due to the corona virus.

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