Nepal welcomes 285,363 tourists in the first seven months this year

Tourists Visiting Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), citing the Department of Immigration, said that Nepal welcomed 285 thousand 363 foreign visitors in the first seven months of 2022. This many international tourists entered the country via air route from January to July.

A number of 44,462 tourists entered Nepal in the month of July, 2022. Similarly, 58,811 foreign tourists visited Nepal in the month of July 2019.

In July, 17,299 visitors from India became the country’s most numerous foreign visitors ever. Likewise, 1,874 tourists reached Nepal from Bangladesh, 1,539 from China and 4,195 from overall Asia and other nations in July.

In the month of July, Nepal welcomed 9,121 visitors from Europe, 3,735 visitors from the Middle East, and 5,228 visitors from the United States.

As reported by the Nepal Tourism Board, there were 16,975 foreign tourists who visited Nepal in January, 19,766 visitors in February, 4,100 visitors in March, 6,115 visitors April, and 53,608 visitors May. There were 46,957 visitors in June, and 44,462 visitors in July, all according to the Tourism Board.

Director of Tourism Board, Maniraj Lamichhane said while the month of July is off-season for tourists, the arrival of tourists is increasing positively which signals a steady resurrection of the tourism sector of Nepal.

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