Pathao Food launches scheme with upto 30 percent off and delivery within 45 minutes

Pathao Food Discount Offer

Ride sharing app ‘Pathao‘, which has been providing online food delivery service, has come up with an attractive plan for customers.

Launched under the slogan ‘Deliverying Happiness at Your Doorstep’, the scheme offers customers up to 30 percent discount on food menus and special discounts on deliveries.

According to the company, up to 30 percent discount has been provided in the food menu in collaboration with around 40 restaurants. The food will be delivered within 45 minutes after the customer orders, said Asimman Singh Basnyat, regional director of the company.

‘Delivering fresh and instant food in a short time is the specialty of Pathao Food. Due to the lockdown, food connoisseurs have been deprived of the taste of hotel and restaurant dishes, ‘said Basnyat, Regional Director.

According to him, the service will provide live tracking of food delivery riders and also allows to order from three different restaurants at the same time.

Pathao bike ride sharing service started in Nepal from September 2018. Pathao Nepal has started car light (taxi) service from August 2019. In September 2020, Pathao started home delivery service of hotel and restaurant meals and food items.

Recently, Pathao Nepal has also started Pathao Bazaar for delivering groceries. Home delivery within 45 minutes of ordering, which has been started since June 12, is being tested.

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