KMC to build Tinkune Peace Park


Kathmandu Municipality is constructing a park at Tinkune, Kathmandu with an expected cost of Rs 1.23 billion.  In order to build the park, Architects Design Associates has presented the initial design to Kathmandu Municipality.  According to the initial design, the construction of the park will cost Rs 1.23 billion which will contain Sankhachakra Park, underground parking and Yoga space for 200 people at a time.

The park will have a 16 metere long statue of Lord Budhha in its central part indicating Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. It has been informed that the park is being constructed to revive disturbed minds from hectic city life and provide visitors heartily pleasant environment.

As per the design, there will be 12 entrances to reach the statue from the circle surrounding it. According to Sachin Maharjan, Designer of the Associates, the park will also have water fountain in its centre. It will prevent the visitors from getting disturbed from the noisy roads and enjoy the fascinating natural environment.

After recieving the design, Rudra Singh Tamang, Chief and Executive Officer of Kathmandu Municipality said, “The ambition and multi-year project has been forwarded for the prosperity of city.  The design should have effective managment for underground parking and suitable pedestrian park entry.”

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