Insecure Banking System leads to ATM theft in capital


As many as five Chinese nationals have been arrested for their alleged involvement in hacking bank data and withdrawing millions of rupees from various Automated Teller Machine (ATM) booths using fake VISA cards in Kathmandu, on Saturday, police said.

Acting on a tip-off, a police team deployed from the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu arrested Zhu Liangang red-handed while withdrawing money from Nabil Bank’s ATM at Durbarmarg yesterday, according to police.

Subsequently, police raided Maya Manor Boutique Hotel in Hattisar and apprehended his accomplices Lin Jianmeng, Luo Jialei, Qiu Yunqing and Chen Bin Bin.

Police seized Rs 10.26 million, USD 9,108, Chinese Yuan 1,199 , Euro 250 , 5,000 Cambodian negotiable instruments, 80 Hong Kong dollars, 132 units of fake VISA cards, 17 valid VISA cards, one set of card printing machine, six sets of mobile phones, laptop, and data card, police said in the statement.

Meanwhile, further investigation is underway, police said.

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